February 3, 2009- After a while, i decided to come back with my newfound knowlege of making a site and completely redo it. Enjoy the results.

 October 10, 2008- The website has a new look, hope its awesome! Plus, there is an icarly game called pak-rat here now and ill tell you now its all right.
September 26, 2008- As you can clearly see above, this website has now gotten a banner! I hope you like it! Also, ive fixed/edited some of this website. I know its been a while, but im back to fixing up this website so enjoy the soon to be updates!
 August 26, 2008- Its been a few days, but ive added some changes to the site, as well as some info to help video gamers everywhere. If your interested, go to www.videogamevoters.com to keep games in this world...
 August 23, 2008- Yesterday i added how many visits this site has gotten. Well, i checked to make sure it was correct and it turns out that wasnt the right number. Apperantly, i cannot have a clue as to how many are coming unto the site. I can assure you though, its being visited. Maybe some day i can publish it fully and it can be renamed. I hope to someday make it this- www. spikeyboi .com but that is going to be some time. There will be updates still, and i will be doing advertisements of other sites and they might do the same for me. I have 2 sites already that are talking about this one. They are small like mine, but were all slowly but surly growing in size and number. Ive added more movies! Enjoy! =)

 August 22, 2008- I have removed some of the pages because of how little they were being looked at. I have also added a games page to download games and play games. As well as other game related things. There is also a chat room now so you can talk to all who come onto the website and maybe even me! If you want to see how many visits this site has gotten, check the pannel on this page! Enjoy! =)

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